Going Live – 2nd – 4th Feb 2021

Re:set is an online event on the 2nd-4th Feb - to help creators and mission-led business owners adapt and thrive in 2021.

Whether you’re an established business looking to pivot, a start-up wanting to break the mould, or have a new idea, you’d like to get off the ground. The Re:form team has put together a toolkit, alongside industry speakers and experts to help you develop a new instruction manual for our rapidly changing world.


Taking a 360 approach to branding, this online event series, aims to inspire, get clear on your purpose and set goals with interactive sessions and workbooks and touch on other relevant subjects to running a business, such as wellbeing, finance and mindset.


You’ll leave with actionable steps to take away for the year ahead, evaluating the need for change, navigate the challenges ahead and thrive in this new world.

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Launching a Business with Impact in 2021
Panel discussion - Free access for members

Taking a holistic approach to business and branding, this discussion will explore areas to consider when launching in 2021 such as wellbeing, finance, and mindset.

Resilient Business Stories
Panel discussion - Free access for members

Interesting and inspirational case studies of businesses who have pivoted during 2020. We bring together diverse perspectives from purposeful business owners.

How Can Branding Help Inspire Social (and Environmental) Change?
Panel discussion - Free access for members

This discussion will give specific examples and how businesses and experts involved have set out their mission or careers to create social and environmental impact.

Building a 360 Brand - Masterclass
Workshop - £45 for members

Join our brand strategists and designers who will show you how to shape a purposeful brand, from your mission through to logo, lines and colour.

Activating Your Brand
Talks - £25 for members

Bring your brand story to life through engaging ideas, digital marketing and community building techniques through inspirational campaign examples.

The Re:set Manual
Workshop - £25 for members

Immerse yourself in a 2021 plan, by aligning personal goals and business objectives for the year ahead, with our Re:set manual workbook.


Lara Sheldrake

Found & Flourish

Launching a  business with Impact in 2021 

Lara is the founder of Found & Flourish – an online platform for women in business. Lara was Listed as one of the top 100 female business leaders across the UK for 2020 as part of the f.Entrepreneur #ialso campaign and cited as one of the most influential female founders of 2020 by Startups Magazine.

Mahawa Kamara

 Consultant/ Entrepreneur

How Can Branding Inspire Social (and Environmental) Change?

Mahawa Kamara is a British- Sierra Leonean businesswoman founder and creative soap-maker of The Soap Connoisseur, specialising in creating handmade soaps and natural body care products. She is also the lead consultant at Mahawa Kamara Consults, a business development and design agency that support businesses to build transformational businesses.

Pip Roberts

Now Studio

Resilient Business Stories

Pip Roberts, owner of Now Studio has trained as a yoga teacher, wellbeing mentor, reiki practitioner, and events curator. Pip’s core beliefs are about bringing realness to the world of wellness and cutting through the stereotypes of self care methods. Her studio creates a calming space for yoga, meditation and calm.


Nula Carbon

How Can Branding Inspire Social (and Environmental) Change?

Charlotte is the founder of Nula Carbon – a subscription based carbon offsetting platform on a mission to protect threatened forests. Charlotte wants to help individuals, communities and companies offset their unavoidable emissions. Charlotte will be discussing her views on whether purposeful business can inspire social change.



Ignite Your Idea

During the pandemic in 2020, Dave and his co-partners Ben and Joe, created SAUCD – a naturally fermented, homemade sauce product. Their sauces currently come in 3 forms – scotch bonnet ketchup, spiced honey BBQ and Kimchi Ketchup. They cook, bottle, label and pack every single product themselves in Bristol.


Pirate Farms

               Resilient Business Stories

Oscar is an indoor farming specialist with a passion for growing microgreens. Oscar founded his latest business Pirate Farms during the lockdown. Pirate Farms has had to adapt its business model and find new routes to market for its produce. One way has been to get customers to grow their own pirate greens!

Carmella & Annabel

Mamma Wellbeing

Ignite Your Idea

Carmella and Annabel are the founders of Mamma Wellbeing. They provide a supporting platform with an ethos of becoming the best version of yourself, by providing carefully selected holistic therapists, events, retreats & resources for everyone. They seek to connect people on their personal journeys with experienced practitioners in a vast array of holistic healings.

Gill Chantler

Designer / UX

Building a 360 Brand Workshop

Gill has a BA in Visual Communications and over nine years of design industry experience working as a project manager and designer with emerging start-ups to larger more established companies. She’s passionate about supporting start-ups to push their brand forwards through the powers of good design and finding focus in their business.

Clare Seal 

My Frugal Year

Launching a  business with Impact in 2021 

Clare is an Author, Writer, Speaker and Founder at The Financial Wellbeing Forum & My Frugal Year. Clare found herself with a large amount of debt, with no assets or safety net. Since then, she rebuilt her relationship with money; building a following for 65k people on Instagram, authoring two books and writing for mainstream publications.

Sophie Hebdidge


How Can Branding Inspire Social (and Environmental) Change?

Sophie is the founder of Techniclarity, a platform which teaches women with ideas for tech startups the know how they need to launch. She is a two time CTO and has worked globally as a software developer building websites and mobile apps with focus on creating solutions that solve problems for women.


Rising Arts Agency

How Can Branding Inspire Social (and Environmental) Change? 

Rosa is the Campaigns Manager at Rising Arts Agency. They are a micro-agency based in Bristol that exists to support the wants and needs of young people. Led by young creative thinkers, their mission is to empower people to collectively aspire, provoke and mobilise towards radical cultural change.

Ben Akers

Talk Club / Made With+

How Can Branding Inspire Social (and Environmental) Change? & Activating Your Brand

Ben is a writer, director, problem solver, TED Talker and male mental fitness campaigner. He is the Founder of the behaviour change collective MadeWith+, CoFounder TalkClub and GoodFest. He formed the talking and listening movement: Talk Club – providing men with a platform to discuss mental health and provide an opportunity for change.

Chris Bettles

If Not Now Digital

Activating Your Brand & Launching a  business with Impact in 2021 

Chris is the Director and Co-founder of If Not Now Digital – a Bristol based marketing company that specialises in social, environmental and creative organisations and projects. Chris makes it a priority to continuously help raise awareness of the potential that sustainable development has to offer the world.

Esme Filsinger 

Creative Business Coach

Launching a  business with Impact in 2021 

Esme helps small business owners to step away from structural conditioning, disarm self-doubt, through intentional strategy and 1:1 coaching. Esme is a strong believer in emphasising that there is no right or wrong in who you should be and what you can or can’t do as a business owner.

Grace Graham


Resilient Business Stories

Grace is the Founder of WorkSpa and an Ambassador for the Prince’s Trust and winner of Ambassador of the Year awards – Regionally and Nationally (2018-2019). She started her own business from receiving support from the Prince’s Trust. Workspa helps companies improve work satisfaction and employee well-being through the use of services like massage and yoga.

Eva May Gilder 

Re:form Designer / Visual Identity

Building a 360 Brand

Eva is a designer at Re:form and founder of Blue Coats Studio, an off-beat creative practice which helps businesses engage with their customers through dynamic visual branding. She works with mission-lead businesses to create visual identities and branded spaces, bringing brands to life to enrich the spaces we experience.

Niketa Tripp

Re:form Web Designer

Building a 360 Brand

Niketa is our content led designer and founder of Studio Iris, a design studio specialising in branding identity and websites. Niketa creates inspiring identities for independent businesses, focusing on their purpose and using the power of colour to guide her projects. Taking time to learn and listen to the brand, understanding the aims and aligning them to the right audience.

Ursula Hutchinson 

Founder / Branding Expert

Producer & Host

Founder of Re:form Ursula Hutchinson, wants to empower mission-led business owners to get behind their purpose and branding through accessible tools, resources and consultancy. With an entrepreneurial background combined with six years running Konichiwa, and helping startups thrive in the last recession, she knows how empowering branding is for business owners breaking into the market. 


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