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Combining the Japanese words iki, meaning life, and gai, meaning value or worth, the term ikigai relates to finding your purpose in life.

This theory, in correlation to branding, is focused on helping you to visualise the intersections between the four key components of branding.

When thinking ahead about your business, it can only benefit you to focus on what is possible and within your control, rather than what is not. Here are some tips that we’ve put together to help you to adapt your mindset to these new circumstances:

The 22 of September is Business Women’s Day and being a female dominated brand, we have decided to not only celebrate it – but dedicate a whole week to it. 

As an all-female creative team, that champion woman in business, we want to celebrate not just over one day but a week, by showcasing 8 inspirational woman and their stories of being and launching brand as a solo-prenuer or part of a small team.

At Re:form, we believe in keeping it agile whilst building a brand.
As a small company ourselves, we are able to adapt and respond in the most agile way which helps us to stay true to our brand’s purpose and do the same for our clients. So we’ve compiled a list of some of our top tips for agile working which includes many of the tips that we see have helped many successful soloprenuers and small businesses implement to stay ahead of the game.

We all have a lot of ideas over the course of our working lives. But how do we tell if our business idea is viable? 

At Re:form, we believe you need to focus on your everyday purpose of your business before looking at the commercial aspect of the idea as, after all, it is you who will be making the idea a reality.