Adapt Your Brand 2020

When thinking ahead about your business, it can only benefit you to focus on what is possible and within your control, rather than what is not. Here are some tips that we’ve put together to help you to adapt your mindset to these new circumstances:

  • Identify what opportunities there are to adapt your business right now – whether it be new audiences, social strategy or products or services.
  • You don’t necessarily need to start from scratch on any current activity. Ask yourself how you can make small changes to make it relevant to this new situation (this goes for planned content, products, launches, events).
  • Encourage ideas! Don’t forget that resilience means keeping an open mind and being able to adapt. Ask for feedback from your team and be open to new approaches in general.⁣
  • Don’t be afraid to ask and share information – keep conversations going with customers or clients; ask them what they need right now so that you can adapt your offering⁣ and stay relevant.
  • It may sound obvious but adapt your business to operate online! Use this time to create a (potentially permanent) transition to online, allowing you to be more future-proof⁣, whether that’s a click and collect website shop, or a new social media strategy.

Remember that we’re all in this together. And it’s ok to take this opportunity to stop and reset if you need/ able to. Please feel free to reach out to me if you’re feeling stuck or want a chat.

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